Romeo and Juliet Macmillan


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Look inside an 18th-century warship as it sails into battle on the high seas. Packed with extraordinary illustrations, this history book for children covers everything from warship design to navigation.Biestys incredible drawings slice through a man-of-war to explore every corner, from the crows nest to the stinking hold. Packed with fascinating facts and gory details, the pages teem with sailors busy about their duties. Find out how gun crews fired a cannon, examine a surgeons toolkit, and learn the best way to wriggle the maggots out of the ships biscuits. Look out, too, for the stowaway on every page. Hes the one with spiky hair and theres a reward for his capture!This absorbing book will have children – and adults – poring over every page. Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Stephen Biestys Cross-Sections Man-of-War remains as entertaining as ever.Powyższy opis pochodzi od wydawcy

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